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KINGDOMCARES Ionic Hair brush Hair Curler and Hair Straightener
KINGDOMCARES Ionic Hair brush Hair Curler and Hair Straightener
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* Options : KD388 Lady White (6 files for temperature adjustment)

3362 quantity available.

Save yourself from getting into frizzy damaged hair with the new Ionic, hydrating hairbrush. The new ionic hairbrush gives you both curling and straightening effect while nourishing your hair. It's beginner-friendly with easy temperature lever that ensures your hair will not be overheated! As normal beauty tools can make your hair appear static and frizzy, with only 60 seconds, the ionic devices reduce hair static, frizzy and helping you to achieve smooth shiny hair with lesser heat damage!


The new Ionic Hairbrush Curler and Straightener gives you the salon-like hair treatment experience even when at home. You can style your hair fast just with 60 seconds. The combination of high-quality materials results a visual of exclusiveness and trendiness.

It has the features of fast straightening, along with PTC heating element where you may also have the control over the device temperature, as well as the incorporation of 360` degree rotation and ergonomic design for better handling experience to fit your angle to use.

Make sure every day is a good hair day with the use of ionic hairbrush. Straight silky smooth hair that releases your charm and beauty, outstanding and attractive.

Smart technology that brings good hair to you.
Adjust it according to your hair texture with 6 levels of temperature controller feature!
Incorporation of smart technologies in ionic hair brush helps you to speed up your straightening process, perfect heating design, 30-second quick heat-up time.

The anti-scalding function that only reaches 50 degrees to protect your hair with additional of tourmaline ceramic plating into PTC heating element. Don't Fred if you have forgotten to switch off because it comes with the function of auto electrical disconnection after 20 minutes to keep you safe.

Recommended colour: Avocado green

Tips: Use if for your fringe and hair ends to create astonishing curve!

Product information:
Model: KD388
Name: KINGDOM Hair Straightener
Voltage: 220V~
Frequency: 50Hz
Power rating: 33W
Net Weight: 360g
Gross Weight: 600g
Product size: 255 x 38 45 MM
Heating method: PTC heating element
Heating degree: 130~200 Degree celsius
Package Size: 333 x 105 x 63 MM
Package Checklist: 1x device 1x Manual book 1x Product qualified card

Product Details:
Brand Logo
Hairbrush Comb
Heat Lever
Increase button
Decrease button
360-degree rotation port

6 Levels of temperature
Level 1 (130)
Suitable for soft thin hair
Level 2 (145)
Suitable for colour bleached hair
Level 3 (160)
Suitable for normal hair
Level 4 (175)
Suitable to light curling hair
Level 5 (190)
Suitable for heavy curling hair
Level 6 (200)
Suitable for thick rough hair

Maple-leaf Red
Pale White
Maiden Pink
Avocado Green


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