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Multipurpose Kitchen Household Cleaning Microfiber Table Cloth
Multipurpose Kitchen Household Cleaning Microfiber Table Cloth
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The multipurpose household cleaning cloth gives you an effective way to clean your households and kitchenware. It is lightweight and simple to use. The new innovative multipurpose cloth is more functional and humanistic compare to the traditional cloth. It wipes of grease, dirt, and residue. Meanwhile, the selection of fabric used has high absorption properties that absorb grease and water effortlessly. The superior thicken material chosen prevents heat conduction and are supremely hygienic.


Easy wipe-off grease
- Greasing kitchen problem, Cloth solve it

Strong grease absorption
- Easily absorb oils and dirt, make cleaning easy

A high volume of water absorption
- Strong water absorption, removing both oil and sewage

Easy Washing
- Wash off dirt fast, making cleaning easy

Soft and thick material
- using quality fabric, thicken material prevents heat

Air-dry after washing without any odour
- Durable and hygienic quality material, a good cleaning helper

Specific quality material selection
Strong absorption for oil and water, durable and anti-shedding

Come in Super Value Promo pack - 10pcs, 20 pcs and 30 pcs per pack


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